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Our group´s research covers a broad range of aspects, from catalysis and optoelectronics to energy, with a current focus on molecular photo- and electro-driven catalysis towards chemical fuels and other value-added products. Our interests lie in:

  • organic, coordination and supramolecular chemistry,

  • the interface of hybrid materials and,

  • nano- and photo-chemistry.

Polymer Frameworks

Amorphous, coordination polymers and metal organic frameworks have the potential to behave as porous hosts, catalysts, reactors and artificial enzymes towards enhanced performance. We are particularly interested in:

  • Synthesis and tailoring of innovating polymers as enzyme mimics.

  • Metal organic frameworks as engineered nanoreactors and templates.

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Dye Engineering

Engineering of molecular chromophores as photosensitisers towards colloidal and electrode-based solar energy conversion. Our research goes from anchoring, energetic and non-energetic structure tailoring to combination with metal-oxides and semi-conductors.

Hybrid Materials

We develop functionalised porous metal oxides, carbon allotropes and hybrid colloids as well as (photo-)cathodes and anodes for materials towards heterogeneous (photo)electrocatalytic reactions such as:

  • Hydrogen evolution

  • CO2 reduction

  • Water oxidation

  • Chemical synthesis

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