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Our group research covers a broad range of chemical aspects from catalysis, optoelectronic and energy with a current focus on molecular photo- and electro-driven catalysis towards chemical fuels and other value-added products. Our interests lay in:

  • organic, coordination and supramolecular chemistry,

  • the interfaced material and,

  • nano and photochemical.

We typically follow a cyclic approach that starts with the synthesis of novel tailor-made molecules and polymers and continues with material interfacing, electrochemical and spectroscopic investigations and finally performance evaluation.


Polymer Frameworks

Amorphous, coordination polymers, metal organic frameworks have the potential to behave as host, catalyst, reactors and artificial enzymes towards enhanced performance. We are interested in

  • Synthesis and tailoring of innovating polymers as enzyme mimics.

  • Metal organic framework as enegeneered nanoreactors.

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Dye Engineering

Engineering of molecular chromophore as photosensitisers towards colloidal and electrode-based solar energy conversion. Our research goes for anchoring , energetic and non energetic development for combination with

Our diketopyrrolopyrrole dyes found applications for hydrogen evolution, CO2 reduction and water oxidation.

Hybrid Materials

We are developping functionalised metal oxide and hybrid colloids as well as (photo-)cathodes and anodes for material towards heterogeneous photosystems.

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